Healing From Pregnancy and Birth Trauma


This program is designed to help women who have had pregnancy and birth trauma HEAL emotionally, physically and mentally.

NOW is the time to put yourself first.

Pregnancy and birth trauma have become an epidemic amongst women.

After experiencing both pregnancy and birth trauma with my son and daughter, as well as working with countless women who also shared similar experiences, I truly saw that there was no space for women to heal from the effects of the trauma.

Pregnancy and birth trauma were subjects that NEEDED to be talked about, supported and worked through, but it wasn't happening.


One of the things I noticed  were women downplaying the effects of the trauma. SHOCKING.
They also didn't have time to process the trauma, they had a baby and were sent home with no support, no information and no space to deal with this HUGE, DEVASTATING thing that had just happened. 
So they just kept going...and going...and going. Until they couldn't go anymore. 



That is Why I Created this Program for YOU...

I have developed a 6 week coaching program that will take you through a unique, practical and proven method to move through trauma.

How do I know this?

Because I have used it and I have worked with countless clients who have worked through their trauma and gone on to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

But most importantly, you will have an opportunity to be amongst other women who have also experienced a form of pregnancy/birth trauma.

Studies have shown that women who have been affected by birth trauma seem to find that there is no place for support and that this isolation worsens the feelings of anxiety and depression brought on by the trauma.

You will get that support here. 

The framework for this program will be the most effective way for you to heal from your pregnancy/birth trauma. It will provide support, community and practical tools for you to not only move forward in your life, but be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually fulfilled. WOW. 



 Here's What You Get:

  • 6 weekly group coaching calls. (Calls will be recorded and you will have access to them anytime.) 
  • Weekly modules that will walk you through a step by step healing program that I have created.
  • Modules based on subjects/solutions that have come up during our calls, updated weekly.
  • Private Facebook Group for members so that you can build continued support and community. 
  • Lifetime access to the program.


We are in the middle of the current program, but if you'd like to be the first to know when the next program opens, click on the link below! 


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  • You are not fully committed to do the work to heal (this is different than not knowing how to do the work or being overwhelmed).
  • You are thriving and not currently feeling affected by your pregnancy or birth experience. 
  • You want to come into the group and tell others what to do or judge them for their decisions. 
  • You are in need of more immediate, one-on-one care. (Please contact me directly to discuss some possible options.)



  • You have a child but experienced traumatic miscarriage(s).
  • Continue to feel and see the challenging effects that your pregnancy and/or birth trauma have on you and those around you.
  • Experience flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks and fear on a regular basis (at least 1-2 times a week).
  • Want to get help but don't know where to start.


You are interested in healing, thriving and living your BEST life. 


Still Not Sure...

Are you feeling that it is hard to commit to something right now and worried that you won't see it through and will waste money and time?

I will tell you, the consequence of not healing from trauma is that you may continue to feel isolated, unsupported and not understood.

You may feel guilty and ashamed for the way the birth turned out.

You may feel like it is your fault.

You may feel emotional and physical pain.

You may feel disconnected from your children and partner.

You may continue to be judgmental about your feelings toward motherhood.


I can't imagine you want to continue to feel that way. 


Let me also remind you of a couple of things:

  • I am a licensed therapist in the state of California and therapy is expensive. One-on-one sessions with me run anywhere from $175-$225/hour!
  • I am also a parenting coach and one-on-one sessions can be anywhere from $200/hour to $1000/week!
  • You have been so focused on the PROBLEM and have not thought about the POSSIBILITY of how taking action will change your life.
  • Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
    • Does my happiness and sanity have a price tag? 
    • Does the happiness and health of my family have a price tag?

More Questions?!


  • I've tried to get help from therapists and other programs and they did not help. How will this will be any different?
    • It is great that you have tried to seek help before. This shows that you have the desire to get better. Unfortunately there are programs and people out there who may be approaching this problem from the wrong angles. Studies have shown that support and community building after a trauma is actually what helps the most. A lot of programs and therapists want to teach or preach, this program actually is about learning from one another so that you can not only feel empowered, but supported.
  • How do I know this will work?
    •  You don't! The question is not a matter of will this work, it is a matter of how committed you are to the work. This is about getting you into action as quickly as possible by giving you action steps. If you are willing to work it, you will receive the benefits. 
  • What happens if I feel the same when the program is done?
    • I guarantee that if you do the work and really commit to the program that you will see the benefits. There is no guarantee that you will feel 100% better, but you will have tools, support and community and this will only strengthen your healing and happiness. 
  • Has this worked for other clients you've had? What are the results?
    • Yes, it has worked for me and countless other clients I have worked with over the years. Take my client, Maria M. She came to me after a horrible birth trauma where she had been in labor for over 30 hours and then rushed into an emergency c-section. They delivered the baby but she was unable to see the baby because he was rushed to the NICU and she was left in a state of shock and utter exhaustion. After working with me for only 4 weeks, she was able to move through the effects of the trauma and began to exercise, eat healthy and feel connected to her baby and her husband. She also got herself back to work and started her own online program! This was one year ago and she has a successful business and is planning for another baby!


Common Things I Hear About Why You Shouldn't Make This Investment Now:

  • "Over time I will begin to get  better, so I will wait this out. " 
    • Sure, you can try that, but think about this: If you break your arm and do nothing about it, does it just heal on its own? Trauma causes a mental and emotional break. The only difference from a physical trauma? You can't always see it.
  • "I don't have any time or energy to do this right now."  
    • You're right, it is so hard to find the time as a mom who is busy all of the time. That is why I created this program to fit a mom's schedule.
      • Calls are only 1-1.5 hours and they are available for replay.
      • Anything that is released will be available to you FOREVER. (Modules are no more than 20 minutes each.)
      • It will not require a lot of your time.  The REAL question is: How do I choose to spend my time? What would change if I made healing and happiness a priority?
      • And the solution to not having enough time and energy? Taking this program. It will give you tools and support so that you can have MORE time and MORE energy.
  • "It's too expensive and we really don't have the money.". 
    • I get it, which is why I have made a payment plan available. I want you to be able to take this program and not feel that the finances are too stressful. It is also important to remember that this is an investment, not something you're just "buying" for yourself. This is something that will actually ADD value and happiness to your life. Can you put a price tag on that?
  • "I don't trust that anyone can actually help me because of how I was treated by the medical profession." 
    • Unfortunately if you were dismissed, demeaned or hurt by a medical professional, then yes, I get it, you will of course feel like your trust has been betrayed. But I would caution you against feeling this way about anyone who might be able to help. If you shut down your ability to trust then you shut down your ability to heal.
  • "I don't feel that I am ready to face what happened." 
    • I can understand that. What happened was so traumatic. Why would you want to live through that again? I will not ask you to live through the trauma again. This is not about rehashing, this is about healing. Our focus will be on the healing, not the trauma. You also do not have to share your story if you are not ready. 
  • "My trauma is not as bad as someone else's and I am embarrassed to call it a trauma."
    • It is not a matter of how small or big your trauma is, it is a matter of how it has affected your life. No trauma is too small and everyone has a different experience. This program focuses on the healing, not the story. 
  • "This is all too overwhelming to think about doing right now." 
    • Yes, it might be. I have been there. But have you ever seen anyone just sit around in unhappiness and magically wake up one day and everything has changed? What is one day? One day is is NO day if you are just sitting around and waiting. 


If you join this program you will see faster results than trying to do it on your own. This was not created to overwhelm you, it was created to get you feeling better and have a better quality of life NOW as opposed to later or NEVER.

A Little About Me:

I started this program because I had a very traumatic birth when my daughter was born and when I was pregnant with my son I was diagnosed with cancer. After they were born, the effects of the trauma (that were not dealt with) affected my life, my marriage and my parenting. 

I had two low points. After my daughter's birth I suffered from post partum depression and anxiety. After my son was born, it literally felt like something broke. I went into a deep depression and felt utterly hopeless. I realized I had been only been surviving for so long and not really living.

It was not until after my son was born that I decided to actually deal with the trauma from both the birth and the pregnancy. I went back to therapy, dealt specifically with the traumas and I started to feel like the fog was lifting. I was starting to feel like a happier mom and wife and realized that I truly had endless strength and potential!

Once I dealt with the traumas, my path and career became more clear. I was no longer afraid all the time. I was able to deal with my anxiety and not fight for my sanity. My marriage grew even stronger and my children were happier. It is not always perfect, but I have let go of that expectation and now take care of myself so that I can be my best for others. 

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA with my family. I work as a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in parenting and new motherhood. I am also a parenting and pregnancy/birth trauma coach. I am so excited to start this truly amazing program with women all over the world! 


YES! Add my name to the WAITLIST so I can be the first to know when this program opens!


If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at [email protected]


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