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This is the one stop mom shop for the kind of HELP that actually gets you results.

Healing from Pregnancy and Birth Trauma Six Week Program

This is a healing program for women who have experienced trauma from either pregnancy or birth. In this program you will learn how to move through the trauma and you will go from surviving to thriving. It includes live  weekly coaching calls, lifetime access, bonus materials as well as a private support group experience.

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Parenting Help

If you are struggling with the challenges of being a parent and feel lost, alone and helpless, asking for help can be a hard thing to do because it's just one more thing. However, none of us are supposed to do this alone. Don't try to suffer through this any longer. You can get that help here. 


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Child Sleep Help

Here you will find a gentle approach to helping your child learn how to sleep. You will not be forced to let your child cry-it-out, you will be guided through a step by step plan that feels comfortable and loving for you and your family.

*Please email me at [email protected]


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. I specialize in working with new mothers, parents seeking to learn more about their their children's behaviors and feelings, as well as couples who are struggling in their relationship. 

*Please email me at [email protected]

Healing from Pregnancy and Birth Trauma Online Course

Here you will find the step by step Healing Modules and Living Your Best Life Modules that were created in the group program. It is an online course that you will have lifetime access to and is available for a lower price than the 6-Week Program. 

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From Fear to Faith FREE Course

Sign in to access to this FREE 3 day event! We talk about how to walk through these trying times with the help of faith, support, connection and some practical tools!

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How to Raise a Parent Community Page

This is a FREE parenting community that is based on my weekly Instagram Live Show called: How to Raise a Parent! Each week there will be a different video uploaded here (as well as free materials). This is also a safe community for parents to talk, ask questions and vent! 

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Who is Sasha Hawkes?

Sasha Hawkes is therapist and coach who has been helping women and mothers for over a decade now. She resides in Los Angeles, CA. She has two children who are 11 and 4 and has been married to the love of her life for over 15 years.

Over the last year, Sasha has been developing programs specifically for mothers who have experienced some kind of trauma during birth, as well as mothers who experience a variety of parenting challenges, including sleep, behavioral, discipline and relational struggles that come as a result of being a parent. 

Sasha is dedicated to helping mothers find the help they need so that they can thrive in this life. She believes that parenting is not something to be suffered through but instead hopes that mothers can find balance, patience and kindness, most of all for themselves. 


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